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About the Book

THE FACTS ON PORN are indisputable, and they are heartbreaking. Pornography, much which is created against a backdrop of coercion and exploitation, is invading our lives—even the lives of our young children.

Author Benjamin Nolot, known for his filmmaking and his battle against sex trafficking, spent more than ten years researching and writing Raised on Porn. This book is not some shrill attack on free speech or free expression. It is based on interviews with porn producers, directors, and performers, as well as neuroscientists, mental health professionals, and individuals and families who have been affected by pornography.

Raised on Porn is a carefully reasoned and thoroughly documented look at how porn has infiltrated modern life, why it matters, and how we can respond.

This book is a must-read for every parent, youth leader, educator, or anyone who cares about human rights, especially the rights of our most vulnerable people.

Trigger warning: This book contains stories of sexual abuse and sexual scenarios.

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  • “Raised on Porn is an empirical rejection of the conflation of pornography with sexual freedom. It is a must-read book for every parent and every person who gives porn a pass.”

    Caroline Heldman, PhD

    Chair of the Politics Department, Occidental College
    Executive Director, Represent Pledge
    Research Director, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

    “The take-home message from this powerful book is that porn impacts much more than our sexuality; it destroys our empathic core, our very humanity. All who take time to carefully read this important book will be educated, but more importantly, will be motivated and empowered to change this increasingly confused world.”

    Donald L. Hilton Jr., MD


  • “Raised on Porn not only forces us to take an unflinching look at porn culture, but it also provides an analysis of the harms of porn—which mobilizes activism against an industry that is reshaping the social, emotional, and cognitive map of young people in ways that undermine healthy development, women’s equality, and a sustainable culture.”

    Gail Dines, PhD

    Professor Emerita, Wheelock College
    CEO and President, Culture Reframed

    “Pornography is normalizing an extreme version of the teaching that women are sexual objects for men, the property of men, and that they have less value than men. This teaching not only lays a foundation for epidemic levels of violence and discrimination against women and girls to persist, but it also ultimately encourages men and boys to disconnect from their own humanity.”

    Tony Porter

    CEO, A Call to Men,
    NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB advisor

  • “Equally methodical and morally challenging, Raised on Porn bridges science and health on one hand, and human rights and dignity on the other. This study makes a significant contribution to citizens’, researchers’, and policy makers’ understanding of the issue. It looks at how the brain, the market, and the internet are all wired—and what can’t be changed and what can and must.”

    Amb. (ret.) Mark P. Lagon, PhD

    Distinguished Senior Scholar, Georgetown University,
    Former director of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (for the US Department of State)
    Former CEO of Polaris Project (an anti-trafficking non-profit)

    “Raised on Porn is a powerful new weapon in the growing arsenal of evidence against the destructive, deforming, and diabolical harms of the global industrial porn complex. This book blows apart the porn industry’s PR spin that its product is mere fantasy.”

    Melinda Tankard Reist

    Senior Lecturer, Centre for Ethics and Culture
    University of Notre Dame, Sydney

  • "This book is a tour de force that engages the history, science, and biblical principles that must be named if we are to understand the scourge of pornography. The believing community can no longer hide from this heartache, and this book is a gift of enormous proportion to give us freedom, knowledge, and courage.”

    Dan B. Allender, PhD

    Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President
    The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

    “Raised on Porn refuses to look away from the pornography industry’s exploitation of women and the corrosive nature of the images it produces. These brutal realities are hard to face, especially when our patriarchal society so often celebrates pornography as sexual liberation.”

    Robert Jensen, PhD

    Professor Emeritus, University of Texas
    Author of Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity

  • “This book offers extremely useful and specific guidance for healing and for reclaiming one’s own sexuality, relationships, and sanity from the domination and control of the pornography industry. Beyond all of these accomplishments, this valuable resource offers clarity, hope, and inspiration for living with integrity, respect, and mutuality.”

    Harvey Schwartz, PhD

    Author and Clinical Psychologist

    “Raised on Porn effectively exposes the truth behind the porn fallacy. Today’s world is hardwired for hardcore porn, and this book elucidates the adult film industry’s obscene nature and adequately expresses multifarious motivations for its end.”

    Jan Villarubia

    Former adult film performer

Excerpt from the Book

If you fell asleep 100 years ago, you would have closed your eyes in an era when a person would be hard-pressed to find a sexually explicit image of any kind. But you would awaken to a world saturated in pornography. As you emerged from your slumber, you would see a world fundamentally altered by hypersexualized media—a world where human sexuality had been fundamentally redefined.

Most of us have been exposed to porn in one way or another. Academic studies report that between 9316 and 100 percent17 of boys, and between 6218 and 82 percent19 of girls are exposed to internet porn during their adolescence...

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About Benjamin Nolot

Benjamin Nolot

BENJAMIN NOLOT is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer whose credits include Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, a film about human trafficking, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, a Netflix documentary about the exploitation of female bodies and porn’s impact on hookup culture, the film version of Raised on Porn, and the Beyond Fantasy documentary miniseries which exposes violation, coercion, and abuse in the porn industry. He is the CEO and founder of Exodus Cry, an international nonprofit organization that works to uproot trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and has mobilized millions of others in this fight.